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Portable Solar Trailers for Civil Construction

Experience the freedom of reliable site power simplified with our cutting-edge solar trailer system. With a focus on convenience and reliability, this innovative system seamlessly utilises solar and battery power to keep your essential loads running day and night, ensuring an uninterrupted energy supply.

Rest assured knowing that our intelligent system charges the battery whenever solar generation exceeds usage, guaranteeing your power needs are met around the clock.
Introducing our lineup of mobile power trailers, harnessing solar energy to provide efficient and eco-friendly power solutions for major construction and civil sites.

Our systems replace noisey, diesel generators as we pave the way for a cleaner, quieter future in the industry.

Join us in our commitment to a net-zero, sustainable energy future for all projects and beyond.

What do we offer & What Problems Do We Solve.


We offer a competitive $$ value alternative to diesel generators and other power requirements.


Major Environmental, Social and Governance contribution to affiliated companies.

reduction in fuel-01

Significant reduction in fuel, associated costs and CO2 reductions. System efficiency enhances cost benefit.


Environmental: Metrics supplied for sites for fuel savings, CO2 reductions.


Only using the highest quality materials. Manufactured in Australia.


Social: can help remote communities access power and also supply cheaper power (e.g. Palm Island).


Maintenance and warranty’s managed by MPT.


Governance: align with companies’ governance ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) policies.


Quicker site access and approval, mob and demob easier. No dig solution for culturally sensitive sites.


Create viable and potable water solutions through desalination.



The ‘S’ Configuration Trailer can be tailored to your specific
applications upon request.

  • Extendable Boom (required for Lighting, Cameras, Weather
  • Lighting – Uni Directions, Bi Directional, 360 Directional
  • Security Camera – Dome, Range, Motion, Night Vision (onboard recording or cloud recording)
  • Weather Station – Lux, Rain, Wind, Humidity
  • GPS Tracking
  • Emergency Button (SOS Button)
  • Internet – 5g, 4gx, Starlink (system use only or work site wifi

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